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Winter Indoor Golf League




We have an indoor golf league for everyone. Join us for awesome prizes and great fun!

League Details

  • Sign-up for the league is during the league practice weeks Deadline is October 31st.  

o   League Start is January 3oth - March 12th (6 weeks)

o   League Meeting is January 29th

o   You may play any time you want within each week. 

  • Teams will play a nine-hole 2-person 

o   Mulligans: 2/person per week

o   Limit 4 person per bay 

  • Points are awarded for first thru last place each week in each league.

Handicaps and Scoring


New league members will establish a handicap after week the first week. A 20 Handicap will be the max. The most strokes a team will have to give up is 12. Subs are allowed.

Example: Player A and Player B are on a team. Player A is a 5 handicap and Player B is a 10 handicap. Player A shoots a 41, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 41 – 5 = 36. Player B shoots a 50, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 50-10 = 40. The score for team A/B is 36+40=76


Each week, each team competes against all other teams in the league.

Example: If there are 10 teams in the league, the lowest net team total (70) will receive 10 points, the second lowest team net (73) receives 9 points, third lowest (76), 8 points, etc.

League Schedule

Week 1 (Jan 3oth- Feb 5th)

Week 2 (Feb 6th-12th)

Wolf Peak
Week 3 (Feb 13th-19th)

Superstition Mountain

Week 4 (Feb 20th-Feb 26th)

Holtsmark Golf
Week 5 (Feb 27th-Mar 5th)

Silver Lakes

Week 6 (Feb 6th-12th)

Goat Hill Park

League Cost

  • League Entry Fee: $50/team

  • Simulator Time: $15/person or $30/team per week.

o   If you decide to golf longer during that session it will be an additional $15/person per hour for league members only 

  • League Night Special: 2 Pizzas & Bucket of 6 Beers – $40

League Prizes

Pay outs to the top finishers will be awarded at the end the last week. The top teams will be entered into a championship round with separate pay outs. All other teams who didn’t make the championship round will be competing for additional prizes. 

League Party and Championship Rounds to be determined. 

League Weekly Bonus Games

$5/person Winner Takes All!

Week 1

Demo Driving Range 

Week 2

Closest to the pin 
Week 3


Week 4

High Score Ice Trolls

Week 5

Closet to the pin

Week 6

Smash Hit Driving Range

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